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Re: postgresql84-client: pgxs makefiles not installed (patch)

Hi Greg,

I was about to do the same. Actually have made the same modification to my local git clone of pkgsrc a couple of weeks ago, and do have a postgis package. If you import your postgis package, make sure to make it universal so that it can be made compatible with 83 etc. too.

but the package does not install that. The following patch installs the
files that postgis expects from the pgxs hierarchy.  The only tricky
part is removing workdir references from the tool paths built into the makefile. With this patch the postgis build is to the point where it is running into its own issues, or something tricky with the pgxs system.

You can sed away the workdir paths cleanly using ${WRKDIR} in the sed pattern.

My patch is pretty much the same, and confirmed working on Solaris.

I am also working on postgis, but I include Makefile.common from postgresql84, unpack postgres along with postgis, let both configure and other hacks to make use of and other makefiles. Which do you think is a better approach? Since the makefiles are needed only to build postgis.


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