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Re: mailman and binary paths

Filip Hajny <> writes:

1> On 7.12.2009, at 12:06, OBATA Akio wrote:
> Yes, I know, my point is that we typically take great precautions to
> not hardcode path assumptions into default packages, which is not the
> case here (even though the NetBSD majority gets out lucky here). I'm
> personally only concerned about Solaris, which of course doesn't come
> with Postfix/Lynx. I'm fine changing the config file,

I had someone set up mailman from pkgsrc and she ran into this.  From my
POV, I think it would be better to use the options framework to select
From native postfix, pkgsrc postfix, and perhaps sendmail.  I realize
this makes binary packages awkward, but I think that's the underlying
reality.  I would far rather have to rebuild the mailman pkg from source
in exchange for having it come out right.

An alternative is to extend mailwrapper with enough interfaces to make
this work; that seems a bit much.

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