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Re: PKG_DBDIR under LOCALBASE (Was: ... default PKG_DBDIR)

2009/12/1 Iain Hibbert <>:
> On Tue, 1 Dec 2009, David Brownlee wrote:
>> Because its package meta-data rather than package data I would have a
>> preference for db rather than libdata/pkgdb, but I'm not religious
>> about it - if you can find a consensus for libdata/pkgdb then I would
>> be OK with that.
> What if a "db" package had some libdata to install? ÂI think namespaces
> should ideally be related to package names, and if we want to mix admin
> functionality in with the package contents we should attempt to minimise
> collisions..

Just to clarify - I was referring to meta-data in LOCALBASE/db rather
than LOCALBASE/libdata/${anything}

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