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Re: py-cElementTree package

On Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 05:58:20PM +0900, OBATA Akio wrote:
> I crated wip/py-cElementTree for c module of builtin cElementTree.
> It will probably resolve PR#41848 and PR#41098.

Thank you!

> Before import it in pkgsrc main tree, I want to ask about some unclear points.
> 1. PKGNAME should be py-celementtree, as described in "Download and install" 
> section of HOMEPAGE?

I think I prefer py-cElementTree, but it's no biggie...

> 2. Python24 does not contains builtin cElementTree, need to download 
> individual distfile and build.
>    builtin cElementTree and individual one should be in one package? or 
> individual package?
>    1) if the former, for python>25, no chance to install newer module than 
> builtin one.
>       (now, individual one is release version 1.0.5 and preview version 1.0.6,
>        python{25,26,31} contains patched version of 1.0.5).

I think one package for all python version is preferable...

>    2) if the later, how about PKGNAME for builtin one?
>       * sqlite module's PKGNAME (individual py-sqlite2 and builtin 
> py-sqlite3) gives a false impression
>       * dependency pattern will be complex.

because of this.


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