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Re: Why is python a dependency of gtk2?

Julio Merino wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 3:29 AM, Jens Rehsack 
> <> wrote:
>> So if I understand that correctly, it would be ok making python dependency
>> optional, enabled by default except for AIX?
>> I thing, I should increase PKG_REVISION for that, because options
>> changed, shouldn't I?
> No, that's a bad approach.  If you do that, other packages that rely
> on this Python-based tool will not work on AIX, failing mysteriously.

Currently all packages depending on python will not work.
I tested successfully building and running editors/vim-gtk2 without
python (on Solaris, we currently have some minor issues building on
AIX) - so there is no reason to deny use editors/vim-gtk2 because of
other package might fail mysteriously.

Python is neither a documented dependency for gtk2 on it's homepage,
nor in the packaged INSTALL file.

> There really is nothing to "fix" here.

It is something to fix here: There is a not upstream required dependency
which prevents using on platform where the dependency does not work.
This breaks the entire package.

One of my primary reasons to use and work in pkgsrc is it's wide platform
support. Kicking out AIX is a major step back for me.

How sounds following for you: python will be optional, but choosen by
default (everywhere). If disabled, a warning is displayed (or a
PKG_FAIL_REASON is set, unless GTK_WITHOUT_PYTHON is set), so that's
ensured that the user knows exactly what (s)he is doing and is aware
of potential follow-up errors.


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