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Re: The NetBSD perfect patch!

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 07:00:23PM +1300, Steven Drake wrote:
> Should diffs be done for the toplevel module directroys (eg. /usr/pkgsrc)
> or are subdirectorys or (eg. pkgtools/pkgdiff or pkgtools/pkgdiff/files)?

Preferable either top-level or the module if it is contained.
"cvs diff" contains enough output to distinguish that.

> 'patch -p1' or 'patch -p0'?

Depends on the former :)

> In-line or as attachments?

For mailing list posts attachments are generally much easier to handle.
For GNATS both forms suck.

> For multiple patches, one pre email or all together?

Unless they are strictly the same problem, separate.

> Have a ready cvs commint message in or as the body?

Helpful, doesn't matter if it is part of the patch or part of the mail.

> Start the subject with "[patch]" or "[patch 1/3]"?

I'm not sure if anyone cares for the mailing lists or GNATS.

> Should there be a "Signed-off-by:" line?


> Should new files or files in 'patches' subdirectorys (made with 
> pkgtools/pkgdiff) be sent directly or as 'cvs diff' output? 

I prefer the latter if the number is small. If it is a huge number of
patches, a tarball might be nicer though.


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