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Re: Apache 2.2 needs X11??

    Date:        Thu, 17 Sep 2009 15:53:09 -0500 (CDT)
    From:        "Jeremy C. Reed" <>

  | (This is an often brought up issue. I think it is being worked on by 
  | moving expat into base.)

Please don't treat the following as an opinion whether expat should be
moved into the base set or not - it isn't - I have no opinion on that
and no basis upon which to form an opinion if I wanted to (I've just
seen the discussion drift past).

But, whatever is decided on that, will have no impact on the "problem"
reported, or not for a very long time.

If expat were to move into base, that would only be visible from NetBSD 6,
and pkgsrc is going to be supporting NetBSD 5 (which does not have expat in
base) for a long time yet (it is still going to be supporting NetBSD 4
for quite a while it seems as well,)

That means, to detect a built in expat, rather than the pkgsrc provided one,
pkgsrc is going to have to go grovelling in the X11 headers/libs for some
time into the future.

There may be other ways to fix expat to avoid needing x11-links (and thus
the appearance of requiring X11), that I don't know - if there are they'd
apply equally to a situation where expat has been moved to base, and the
current one where it is in the X sets.


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