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Re: Support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

I've trying to use "pkgsrc" under Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Boot- strapping worked without problems. But a bunch of packages fail to build because "uname -m" reports "i386" but "gcc" creates x86_64 binaries by default
(at least on my system).

Even with a 32-bit kernel, Snow Leopard is still capable of running
64-bit applications, and in fact all the (universal) binaries have
64-bit versions in them.  IMO, pkgsrc should follow the system
default: building x86_64 binaries.

I can't see any reason to build 32 bit binaries by default except on 32 bit-only Macs. On the other hand, a simple mk.conf option would be nice.

I build pkgsrc as a universal binary with i386 + x86_64 on MacBook Pro and ppc + ppc64 on PowerMac G5. Most of the packages I use build and work fine. There are problems bootstrapping universal binaries, which I described some time ago. And there are packages, like cmake, which build only one architecture. But that can be fixed.

I think the most appropriate solution would be to make packages as universal binaries.

Kind regards,

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