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Re: wxGTK24 and wxGTK26 removal

On Mon, Sep 07, 2009 at 05:12:29PM +0000, David Holland wrote:
 >>> I am looking for someone to test David Holland's update for wxhaskell,
 >>> which would remove it from the list.
 > Here's an updated version that builds and installs cleanly.
 > [snip]

I dug up a test program:

Short conclusion is that this package is no good; it only builds the
wxcore library, and after installing (not just building) that it needs
to build the wx library too by doing something along the lines of

        cd wx
        runhaskell Setup configure
        runhaskell Setup build
        runhaskell Setup install

...and then even after that it won't work properly, because there's
some muck for registering Haskell packages, and unregistering them on
deinstall, that it does that pkgsrc needs to know about.

The distribution includes an rpm spec file which someone could use as
a guide to set things up in pkgsrc so it works properly, but this
exceeds the extent to which I care by a considerable margin.

Especially since there's no ghc for my (amd64) pkgsrc devel box.

David A. Holland

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