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wxGTK24 and wxGTK26 removal

Hi all,
I would like to remove the old versions of wxGTK before the next branch.
Currently the following packages depend on them:

audio/audacity (wxGTK24)
converters/tex2rtf (wxGTK26 with compat code)
games/wxhugo (wxGTK24)
multimedia/vlc08 (wxGTK26)
x11/wxhaskell (wxGTK26)

I am looking for someone to test David Holland's update for wxhaskell,
which would remove it from the list. The latest version of audacity
supports wxGTK28, is someone interested in updating it?

tex2rtf seems to be dead upstream and wxGTK26 support already is
somewhat hackish, so it would currently just die. I can't comment on
wxhugo and vlc08 at the moment.

For pkgsrc-wip, the following additional packages would be affected:
Neither of this packages has been updated in the last three years, so I
don't consider them blockers unless someone steps up for them.


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