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Re: review request for mod_pubcookie package

On Nov 26, 12:33pm, Tracy Di Marco White wrote:
} I'd started putting together a mod_pubcookie package ages ago, and
} finally spent enough time on it to finish it. I haven't fiddled with
} pkgsrc in a while, so I'd appreciate some review of it.
} has a pass at the
} package that untars into www/ap2-pubcookie.

     A few items:

- no LICENSE specified
- no DESTDIR support
  - I don't know if DESTDIR makes sense for apache modules
- in patch-ab, are there variables that could used in place of
  @APACHE_PREFIX@/share/httpd and -I@APACHE_PREFIX@/include/httpd
- various pkglint warnings

You should install pkgtools/pkglint.  Then after writing/updating a
package, you should run 'pkglint -Wall -Call -i'.  If you add '-e', it
will give an explanation of anything it finds.

}-- End of excerpt from Tracy Di Marco White

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