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case sensitivity (was: Re: A sad case)

Alistair Crooks schrieb:
> what's the driving force for having license names that are
> case-sensitive? I can just see it aggravating users (and myself) for
> no benefit at all. Sorry for repeating myself, but I don't get the
> reasons, which is why I'm having such a hard time understanding it
> all.

The magic word here is "consistency". Almost everything in pkgsrc is
case sensitive.

case sensitive:
* variable names
* make targets
* package options
* POSIX commands
* package names
* command line options for the package tools (compare -v and -V)
* platform names
* compiler names
* all(?) enumerations in make variables (see pkglint's
file, search for "{")

case insensitive:
* file names on case-insensitive file systems
* "yes" and "YES" in some make variables

The former list is much larger than the latter, and it is easier to make
programs deal with things from the former list, too.


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