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Re: A sad case

Alistair Crooks <> writes:

> One thing I really don't understand is - what is the driving force
> behind the need for case-sensitivity in licensing names?

I think it's that we are dealing with a programming system that has tons
of other operations that are case sensitive, and people don't see why we
should start treating licenses differently from everything else.  You
can't write

  Pkg_Options.Emacs += Gtk

and expect it to work either, or type "make Package", or "MAKE package",
or lots of other variations.

The only way I put things in ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES is after a failure and
then I look at the contents of license file and decide if I want to copy
the file name into a ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES+= foo statement.  (Or
occasionally I see the LICENSE= in a Makefile and add it without
actually invoking a failure, but that's really just getting the error
with gdt-as-make)

Is there evidence that users are actually having trouble with this
aspect of the license system?\

(I know there has been trouble, but I think it's mostly been from
mistagging packages with Free licenses, which is an orthogonal issue.)

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