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Re: looking for example: building inside other packages sources

Marko Schütz <> writes:

> I found edb-debugger on pgFoundry. It's supposed to create a plugin
> for PostgreSQL that allows debugging of PL/PGSQL functions. The
> package extracts to a directory pldebugger, which has to be copied to
> PostgreSQL's contrib and built there.
> As I am sure this isn't the first package that needs to build under
> the source tree of another, I'd like to look at the Makefiles of those
> other packages. I did a brief search on the mailing list and through
> pkgsrc, but didn't really find what I was looking for.

I think people typically follow one of two paths

  figure out if it really is necessary to have the sources, and maybe
  fix upstream.  Many pgsql things say they need sources, but now pgsql
  installs enough .h files that you can build out-of-tree.  I have no
  idea about this

  unpack the postgresql sources as an extra DISTFILE for edb-debugger

One thing to watch out for is that ideally the package would build for
multiple pgsql versions, but probably this is hard.

> P.S. I noticed that doing make extract in security/cy2-login
> leads to cyrus-sasl being built and installed!

  /usr/pkgsrc/security/cy2-login > make show-depends

Yes, but that's because it is a dependency.  Were it already installed
this probably wouldn't happen.

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