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mail/postfix license fix

postfix has a license which is clearly a minor previous version or
customization of cpl-1.0.  The diffs are slightly more than change of
name, but from the viewpoint of "don't accidentally build non-Free
software" are unimportant.

Postfix therefore should be buildable without setting any variables.
Plus TNF clearly thinks it is Free or it wouldn't be in the base system.

We have several possible approaches:

  1) ask IBM to relicense postfix under cpl-1.0

  2) rename postfix-license to postfix and put it in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES

  3) set the license to cpl-1.0 and leave a note about how it's almost the same.

Option 1 would fail the laugh test; people would think we are nuttier
than Debian (said in jest - I think the DFSG stance has been helpful for
the community, and pkgsrc is starting to brush against the same issues).

Option 2 doesn't have any real problems other than that we'll have 500
licenses in DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES, and many of them will be minor
wording differences, some involving only name changes.

Option 3 seems the best course in an imperfect world (in a perfect world
there would be a small number of licenses, and the differences between
any two would be substantive).

So unless there objections I will commit the following to pkgsrc/mail/postfix

--- Makefile    21 May 2009 08:05:20 -0400      1.227
+++ Makefile    27 May 2009 07:52:22 -0400      
@@ -12,7 +12,10 @@ DIST_SUBDIR= postfix
 COMMENT=       Postfix SMTP server and tools
-LICENSE=       postfix-license
+# The postfix license has only very minor diffs from cpl-1.0.
+LICENSE=       cpl-1.0
+#LICENSE=      postfix-license
 CONFLICTS+=    courier-mta-[0-9]* fastforward>=0.51nb2 sendmail-[0-9]*

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