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Re: ulimit for mono on solaris

On Sun, 10 May 2009 14:28:40 +0200, Filip Hajny wrote:
> Mono will not build properly on Solaris unless there is a stack size is
> hard capped at > 8M, e.g. at 10M. See here:
> Is there a way to introduce this in the package's Makefile so that the
> build phase is ulimit'ed automatically? I have not been able to figure
> out if there is a means of setting ulimit without flipping the build
> phase to manual (do-build). Setting the ulimit before I initiate bmake
> works, but is hardly desirable.


From what I understand this may bug may hit not only build time.

Some questions for you:

 * Can you provide the mcs output ?
 * Did you hit the same issue using mono or mcs (not only during mono 
 * Can you please open a PR about this in order to get the right amount of 
attention ? If you can, please submit the answers to these two questions 
into PR.


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