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sup distribution for pkgsrc appears not to work any more

I get nothing from sup for "pkgsrc", despite it being listed as a supported distribution mechanism. The sup scan report for pkgsrc seems to have disappeared from the "daily CVS update output". Where (which script output should I look for) is that being done now?

In NetBSD 5.0 /usr/share/examples/supfiles/ contains:

        current release=pkgsrc hostbase=/ftp/pub \
        base=/usr prefix=/usr backup use-rel-suffix compress delete

My sup file has the following line:

        current release=pkgsrc host=sup.NetBSD.ORG hostbase=/ftp/pub \
        base=/n/nbsd/cur prefix=/n/nbsd/cur backup use-rel-suffix delete

and all that produces now is a symlink where pkgsrc used to be:

lrwxrwxr-x 1 netbsd wsrc 26 Apr 24 00:15 /n/nbsd/cur/pkgsrc -> ../ packages/pkgsrc-current

This looks to me like an incomplete reorganization of the repository (i.e. directories & files got moved, but the sup server configuration was not updated to match).

Or did sup for pkgsrc get de-supported, and not documented as such?

        Erik <>

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