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string seperator problem with SMART_MESSAGES


building with SMART_MESSAGES defined seems to print the package's name
and those of its dependencies simply concatenated, e.g. without a string
separator as this used to be IIRC.

For example, while building devel/scmgit with SMART_MESSAGES defined I

===> depends-message [p5-Error-0.17015nb1scmgit-base- scmgit- ] 
===> Installing dependencies for p5-Error-0.17015nb1
=> Build dependency checkperms>=1.1: found checkperms-1.10
=> Full dependency perl<5.12.0: found perl-5.10.0nb4
=> Full dependency perl>=5.10.0: found perl-5.10.0nb4
===> tools-message [p5-Error-0.17015nb1scmgit-base- scmgit- ] 
===> Overriding tools for p5-Error-0.17015nb1
===> extract-message [p5-Error-0.17015nb1scmgit-base- scmgit- ] 
===> Extracting for p5-Error-0.17015nb1
===> patch-message [p5-Error-0.17015nb1scmgit-base- scmgit- ] 
===> Patching for p5-Error-0.17015nb1
===> wrapper-message [p5-Error-0.17015nb1scmgit-base- scmgit- ] 
===> Creating toolchain wrappers for p5-Error-0.17015nb1
===> configure-message [p5-Error-0.17015nb1scmgit-base- scmgit- ] 
===> Configuring for p5-Error-0.17015nb1

Is anybody else seeing this as well?

Regards, Jukka

This email fills a much-needed gap in the archives.

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