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Re: Version numbering of sysutils/lsof

Greg Troxel wrote:

> The real problem here is that there are hidden dependencies on the base
> OS.  Since pkg_rr is my hammer, I'd like to have these expressed and
> have the OS upgrade process mark things dirty.

Maybe - but that should happen every time a dependent library has changed.
FreeBSD ports have tools like portupgrade or portmaster which supports the
forced rebuild, maybe pkg_rr should get such an option, too?
Another perspective I've read on tech-pkg@ (IIRC) was, moving more and more
of the base distribution into PkgSrc. So it's possible to deliver a
distribution which is completely built from package source and could be kept
up-to-date in that way. sysutils/lsof could get a dependency to sys/netbsd
(read: kernel) and each time the kernel is updated, lsof get's a rebuild via

> Looking at the lsof Makefile, I see OSVERSION_SPECIFIC=yes.  That should
> stay, because it does actually record an OS dependency via a build def.
> We just need a tool to set unsafe_depends on all such packages, to be
> run after updating if the new kernel version differs from the recorded
> one.

Maybe tools like


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