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Version numbering of sysutils/lsof


I had a question and didn't get response from Andrew, so I hoped someone
here could give me some feedback.

I checked out sysutils/lsof and seen, that the OS version number is attached
to the version number of the package. I understood the intension - e.g. for
Linux distributions it's a difference for lsof which kernel is used. But
could it solved using a version number? I further understand, that it's not
recommended to run an lsof build on NetBSD-4.0.1 on NetBSD-5, but does a
version number prevent that?

Maybe it could be rated as a warning for the packager, but no user will ever
see. What options does the packager can choose? He can compile the package
for every targeted OS version, rename the binaries containing the version
numbers and use a script choosing the right binary. Keeping that up to date
is hell.

My suggestion is, skip adding the version number of the OS the the package

Best regards,

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