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Re: Option to trim packages

Julio Merino wrote:
Having binary packages that install different sets of files could be
extremely confusing, specially for dependency tracking.  The linux way
is much more clear in this regard.

I was thinking that maybe the cut down version of the package could be automatically given a different name. I'm well aware that if I got my co-workers to use a packaging system that had two packages with the same name that installed different files, they might axe murder me. ;-)

Nothing prevents us from having several small packages built from a
single package source, i.e. thepkg-lib, thepkg-devel, etc, and then
have a thepkg meta-package that installs everything.  That should
address your complain of "having to install separate -devel packages
to do something useful".  And having this feature in pkgsrc (building
several packages out of a single one) could be useful on its own.

That's quite a good idea. More complication that mine, but more useful. Many of the database packages come in client/server pairs that (potentially) build the same software twice.


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