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Re: First pkg_dry milestone

> > Just to be sure, that means having both entries on pkg_summary(5) right ?
> >
> > PKGNAME=foo-4.0
> > [...]
> > PKGNAME=foo-4.0nb1
> > [...]
> Yes, that's it,.

Do we have any examples of that? (I didn't find any in my limited look 
except for PKGNAME=gimp-2.4.7, PKGNAME=gimp-2.6.3, PKGNAME=xdaemon-1.2, 
and PKGNAME=xdaemon-2.1 but those are due to different PKGPATHs but same 
PKGBASE.) If not, maybe from merging different pkg_summary databases.

> > if yes, I can add a "try less damage" flag
> Great, thanks!

That does sound good (considering I already use USE_ABI_DEPENDS=NO to 
limit the damage).

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