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Re: up2date - something for NetBSD?

On 4/6/09, Jeremy C. Reed <> wrote:
> This is two things: 1) a database of available packages; and 2) tools to
>  utilize it.
>  The database is available. See pkg_summary manual page. I have been told
>  that the database is updated/regenerated automatically for the binary
>  packages available on our download server. See the pkg_summary.gz file(s).
>  Tools to use it ... my wip/pkg_get (I still need to rename) is a quick
>  shell script  hack to use it. It has a manual page. It can retrieve the
>  database and tell you what packages you can update. It can also help you
>  install and update packages. Also see pkgpm (which I think is more robust
>  and featureful, but I haven't use yet).
>  And see pkg_chk -- it can use the pkg_summary database too. Maybe others
>  can use it also.
>  And today I was told of another new tool (and I was pointed to the source
>  code). I will let that developer share this news.

Can pkg_summary or something else tell you what's available in the
source repository?

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