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Re: pkgsrc performance

On Wed, 25 Feb 2009, Joachim König wrote:

> Could the including not be combined with the simplification
> of the DEPENDS variable format as dicussed in the
> "enforcing pkgsrc/category/$PKGBASE" thread?
> E.g. the bmake infrastructure on seeing a simple "category/pkgname"
> dependency could check if a file exists there and load
> it (if it has not yet been loaded) etc.

If I understand you correctly, this doesn't need to be done that way. 
For example, some DEPENDS are needed for use at run time of a related 
tool. While a may be needed at build-time. So automatically 
using the system may bring in more not needed build work.

> For me, the culprit is that instead
> of declaring the dependency and later evaluating/checking all the
> dependencies,
> the corresponding is immediately included with ".include".
> Can't we decouple that?

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