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Re: pkgsrc performance

>> >   $ time make show-var VARNAME=PKGNAME
>> >   gnome-control-center-
>> >    1268.48s real   815.57s user   356.51s system
>> >
>> > This is a joke, right?
>> >
>> You can try pkg_micro_src_summary from wip/pkg_summary-utils It parses a
>> Makefile in a hackish way and fallback to bmake if it cannot parse
>> Makefile itself. PKGNAME, PKGPATH, COMMENT and many other variables (but
>> not those defined in mk/* and can efficiently be
>> retrieved by pkg_micro_src_summary.
> You're completely missing the point.

:) I understand the problem very well. bmake analyses Makefiles very
slowly _probably_ because it opens the same files huge amount of times.

pkg_micro_src_summary in turn solves _one_ particular problem, it
efficiently fetches variables values from package's Makefile.  From
original posting it was not clear what author needed/suggested, to fetch
variables or to optimize bmake and/or pkgsrc infrustructure.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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