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Re: pkgsrc performance

Aleksey Cheusov wrote:
We could surely avoid that by changing _all_ these files to the order
known from C header files:
I wonder if that can't be automated via some perl magic.
At least to a point where we see if there's any actual benefit.

This is already implemented about year ago (awk+sh) and is a part of
wip/pkg_summary-utils. See also pkg_update_src_summary(1) and others.


0 ~>time -p pkg_micro_src_summary -f PKGNAME,PKGPATH,COMMENT 
COMMENT=GNOME2 configuration utility

real     0.16
user     0.08
sys      0.07
0 ~>

Hi Aleksey --

I was using the show-var target as an example, make any target in x11/gnome-control-center and it takes an equal amount of time to get going.


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