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Re: pkgsrc performance

Jared D. McNeill schrieb:
> On a 266MHz Geode GX:
>   $ time make show-var VARNAME=PKGNAME
>   gnome-control-center-
>    1268.48s real   815.57s user   356.51s system
> This is a joke, right?

Unfortunately, it is a very bad and true joke. One of the reasons is
that the files are loaded and parsed over and over:

$ strace | grep open | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
  21021 open("../../mk/",
   5572 open("../../x11/xproto/",
   4505 open("../../converters/libiconv/",
   2445 open("../../x11/kbproto/",
   2443 open("../../x11/libXdmcp/",
   2443 open("../../x11/libXau/",
   2443 open("../../x11/libX11/",
   2302 open("../../mk/buildlink3/",
   2302 open("../../mk/buildlink3/",
   2302 open("../../mk/buildlink3/",
   2216 open("../../devel/gettext-lib/",
   2210 open("../../devel/gettext-lib/",
   1905 open("../../devel/zlib/",
   1631 open("../../graphics/freetype2/",
   1335 open("../../mk/",
   1248 open("../../textproc/expat/",
   1167 open("../../devel/pcre/",
   1167 open("../../devel/glib2/",

We could surely avoid that by changing _all_ these files to the order
known from C header files:


.include "../../dependency/one/"
.include "../../dependency/two/"



That would be all. But this change involves lots of subtleties that only
jlam@ understands. I asked some years ago whether to make that change,
but didn't dare to start the whole work.


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