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Re: binutils update?

On Fri, 20 Feb 2009, Lloyd Parkes wrote:
> Oh great :-( version 2.19.1 is an official release that is newer than 
> 2.19.50 which is a snapshot. Sigh.

For now, maybe call the new version 2.19.100, to prevent the pkgsrc
version number from going backwards.

I can't find an official description of the binutils numbering scheme,
but I can find vague evidence that they have previously made the number
go backwards, using small numbers like .1, .2 for releases, and large
numbers like .50, .90, for snapshots prior to the release.  In future,
I'd suggest inserting an extra ".0." in pkgsrc's version number for
snapshots of binutils; for example, if binutils has a future snapshot
that they call 2.20.50, then pkgsrc can call it; later, if
they have a release that they call 2.20.1, pkgsrc can also call it

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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