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Re: FETCH_CMD and dependencies

On Fri, 30 Jan 2009, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
> If FETCH_USING is set to manual, FETCH_CMD specifies to program to use,
> FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS etc have to be provided in that case as well.

The general idea looks good, but I would expect FETCH_USING=manual to
mean "the user will manualy place distfiles in DISTDIR; pkgsrc should
not automatically fetch distfiles in any way at all".  I suggest using
FETCH_USING=custom to mean "pkgsrc should fetch distfiles using the
custom command and arguments specified in FETCH_CMD, FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS,

> A check in will bail out explicitly if FETCH_CMD is set,
> but FETCH_USING is not manual. Is that too restrictive?

I think that's too restrictive, because it makes it difficult for users
to specify FETCH_CMD in mk.conf but temporarily override FETCH_USING
from the command line.  Perhaps make it a warning (not an error) if
FETCH_CMD and friends are set but FETCH_CMD != "custom".

> Do we want to have a fallback mechasnim with associated magic so that
> fetching wget when using FETCH_USING=wget does use ftp or fetch?

No, make it an error if FETCH_USING=foo but foo is not installed.
The user can use .if exists(...) conditionals in mk.conf to set
FETCH_USING=wget or FETCH_USING=ftp depending on whether or not wget is

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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