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Re: Depending on a package with an option?

On 20/1/09 20:55, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
> Quentin Garnier <> wrote:
>>> Yes, I have seen that. It means I have to create a file.
>> No. files are for things *outside* pkgsrc.
> The only example of USE_FEATURES.pkg is openssl, and the USE_FEATURES
> stuff is defined from within
> Is USE_FEATURES that way to go? I cannot find where it tests for
> PKG_OPTIONS to check for a package option.

I was thinking about this today and I don't think the way openssl does
it is going to work for all packages so I'm not sure we should follow
the example set :)

Basically OpenSSL examines a .h to see if it's built with threads,
that's great, and works for OpenSSL but what about for other packages ?
 IMHO the only sure way to do this is to examine the output of
`pkg_info -Q PKG_OPTIONS <package name>` and then decide from there.  I
think a framework built on this should work across the board and should
be accurate*.  The way I see it you could just to a e.g.

USE_FEATURES.wget= inet6

In your Makefile which would make sure that wget was built with the
'inet6' option, if not set PKG_FAIL_REASON.  I'm thinking you would
integrate this into pkgsrc mk/* proper and that would avoid any hackery.

Just a thought.


* Not sure how it would deal with options getting renamed.

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