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Re: Fortran is desperatly undersupported

Adam Hoka <> writes:

> Aleksej Saushev wrote:
>> The main problem comes from using f2c, which requires patching the
>> source to include fake MAIN__ subroutine. On FreeBSD you can link
>> against libg2c (which is another nasty hack), you don't you have
>> such option NetBSD. Many interesting practical packages require
>> real Fortran, sometimes of '90 or '95 standard, and f2c doesn't
>> give even Fortran-77 compiler of reasonable quality.
>> Something has to be done with it.
> Why don't you use g95?
> I dont know if its in the list of acceptable fortran compilers, but it should 
> be.

"It should be," sure. It isn't.
It isn't even a list.


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