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Re: remove tool from USE_TOOLS

Roland Illig schrieb:
> Petar Bogdanovic schrieb:
>> Hi,
>> I don't know which part of the pkgsrc devel guide I missed but is there
>> a way to remove a tool from USE_TOOLS besides..
>>    USE_TOOLS = ${USE_TOOLS:Nxargs}
>> which is a recursive declaration and doesn't work?
> It's good that it doesn't work that way, since you should _add_ xargs to
> the USE_TOOLS list instead of removing it. Did you try that?

Oops, I answered too quickly. I thought that USE_TOOLS+=xargs would
automatically add something to CONFIGURE_ARGS, but it doesn't. So the
best way to solve this is this:

USE_TOOLS+=       xargs

or whichever environment variable the configure script expects.


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