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remove tool from USE_TOOLS


I don't know which part of the pkgsrc devel guide I missed but is there
a way to remove a tool from USE_TOOLS besides..

   USE_TOOLS = ${USE_TOOLS:Nxargs}

which is a recursive declaration and doesn't work?

Here is the particular problem:

   ERROR: /usr/pkg/libexec/cron-dccd:              | 
/tmp/pkgsrc/obj/local/dcc/work/.tools/bin/xargs /bin/rm
   ERROR: *** The above files still have references to the build directory.
   ERROR:     This is possibly an error that should be fixed by unwrapping
   ERROR:     the files or adding missing tools to the package makefile!
   *** Error code 1

xargs gets linked into the build directory and the configure script of
the package then picks up the first path to xargs.. which is the xargs
found in the build directory and obviously the wrong one.

I worked around this problem with using CONFIGURE_ENV but that just
worked because this specific configure script allowed environment
variables to override its own settings.

So, what would be the way to go here?

   Petar Bogdanovic

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