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Re: Building MPlayer without runtime cpu detection

Greg Troxel <> writes:

> This raises the issue of whether autodetection is ever ok by default.
> With 10 seconds of thought, it seems like we should have some sort of
> option perhaps 'cpudetection' that is by default unset but for various
> packages will tune the code for the current CPU.  By default the package
> should make code that will run on all processors within the processor
> family that are supported by the target OS.

We do offer the lovely and talented devel/cpuflags for this purpose.

IMO, such autodetection should always be off by default (by default,
packages should be built for as wide an audience as possible), but
perhaps performance-sensitive packages could have a build option to pull
in cpuflags as a build depend, and use it?

                                Jim Wise

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