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ns-flash depends on firefox really

I installed firefox3 and removed firefox (currentish i386).  First,
thanks to everyone who worked on this - it just worked, with no grief,
far better than I had hoped.

Flash stopped working, which is a mixed blessing, but I had wanted the
plugin.  On investigating, I saw that there was a plugin in
/usr/pkg/lib/firefox/plugins but not in /usr/pkg/lib/firefox3/plugins.
I did make replace on multimedia/ns-flash and now it's in the right

I see that ns-flash calls nspluginwrapper at install time, and
presumably that searches for appropriate places.  But this sort of means
that ns-flash depends on the various installed browsers.

I suspect the right fix is to have ns-flash put the plugin in
lib/netscape/plugins only and to have ns-flash-firefox and
ns-flash-firefox3 that depend on a particular browser and install for
that.  That's harder, and perhaps not worth it - having to
rebuild/reinstall ns-flash when adding a new browser isn't that hard.

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