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Re: 2008Q3 Solaris 10 bulk build issues ...

> I'd like to stay with the Sun Studio compiler if possible, but if not,
> what's the best way to tell pkgsrc to use a natively-installed gcc?  I
> had a shot at compiling gcc34 in my existing environment which failed
> miserably ...

Just set your path so that the correct gcc (if there is more than one)
is found. The bootstrap script will take care of the rest. For
building subsequent packages, you should keep the path this way.

If you want to use lang/gcc34, it should be the first package to
install after bootstrapping. Switching to lang/gcc34 after installing
several packages with Sun Studio will probably cause problems. And
don't forget to adjust mk.conf if you switch compilers.

Joern Clausen

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