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Re: 2008Q3 Solaris 10 bulk build issues ...

On Tue, 23 Dec 2008 15:18:20 +1100, "Malcolm Herbert" <>
> I managed to find and fix a few issues with lang/tcl and a few others
> when compiling from the 2008Q3 pkgsrc tarball under Solaris 10 with the
> Sun Studio 12 compiler, however these remaining packages are proving to
> be more difficult ...

Done some more work on these over the last few days, using the input
from a number of you (thanks, btw) ... I've put the bulk build results
at for

> devel/gmp

I removed the gmp-fat option as some people suggested and this allows
the compile to get a little further along - it now fails when compiling
in the cxx subdirectory: CC appears to have major issues compiling
../gmp-impl.h which is strange as it has been included fine by cc when
compiling almost all the other modules ... it's not a C++ header (.hh)
file though ... is the format markedly different?   This can be seen in
the output in the pkgstat report above.

I did manage to prevent the cxx directory being built and the package
was completed, however p5-Math-GMP relies on the C++ portion of
devel/gmp, so that failed in short order ... :)

> security/gnutls

I'd independently found the first issue Jörn Clausen pointed out was
able to use the patch described in PR pkg/39612 to prevent the examples
from being compiled which allowed this package to build.

> textproc/xerces-c

The Makefile settings for IConv and some assumptions regarding OS names
were incorrect, but with some alterations I was able to work around
this, although I still have some outstanding PLIST issues to resolve
before I submit a PR with patches for it.

Once I managed to get textproc/xerces-c to compile I found that
textproc/p5-XML-Xerces had big issues compiling the SWING glue to
interact with the C library, as can be seen in the pkgstat output (1500+
warnings per file? seems dubious)

> devel/stlport
> x11/xview-lib

Still no idea on these ones at all ... 

I'd like to stay with the Sun Studio compiler if possible, but if not,
what's the best way to tell pkgsrc to use a natively-installed gcc?  I
had a shot at compiling gcc34 in my existing environment which failed
miserably ... 


Malcolm Herbert                                This brain intentionally                                                left 

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