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Re: destdir: 'make package' inconsistency

 >>> FWIW you don't want to invoke make like that!
 >>> 'make foo bar' requests that both 'foo' and 'bar' be built, it
 >>> does not define any order.
 >>> The target commands for 'make clean' could be done at any time
 >>> during the build sequence.

 >> Hmm.  While I like the semantics with -j, I think targets on the command
 >> line should be done in order.
> While it makes sense for pkgsrc, I think making targets in order
> breaks the traditional make's semantics.

> If bmake accepts .WAIT as an argument, it makes sense to implement
> shorter synonym for it, for example, `.' (one symbol dot) or something
> similar.

That is

make target-pre . target1 target2 . target-post
make clean . package
make -j5 clean . all . install

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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