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Re: Off by one in kernel version incompat list for emulators/compatNN pkgs

    Date:        Mon, 05 Jan 2009 13:46:42 +1300
    From:        Lloyd Parkes <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | I work fairly hard to ensure that I have a separate build box for each 
  | production netbsd system that I have.

It isn't that I couldn't do that (for packages) but that I explicitly
don't want to - I prefer to have all systems (as much as possible)
running the exact same binary package.   Then if different systems
behave differently, I know it is the underlying system (either the version
or something about its configuration, or perhaps rarely, the hardware)
causing the problem, it cannot be something that happened to differ when
the various copies of the packages were compiled.

On the other hand, if a package does something "odd" in a similar way on
various different systems, then it is more likely (though not proven) to
be the package itself, rather than the system, and in any case I can certainly
avoid even thinking about who did what (in the NetBSD world) that broke
(or perhaps, fixed)  X, and if I do determine that it is something odd
about NetBSD I can have a greater expectation that others will be able to
see the same problem, which vastly improves the changes of an explanation,
workaround, or fix.

But none of this (which is the right way to build packages) really matters
for the purpose at hand.


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