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Re: X11/XlibConf.h missing

> well, it's easy to have x11-links use instead of
> However, as a consequence, since X11_TYPE is native and not modular,
> ../../x11/libX11/ does not add libX11 to BUILDLINK_PACKAGES.
> Further to that, X11/Xlib.h does not get added to x11-links's PLIST which
> causes e.g. x11/Xfixes to fail to compile, although the FreeBSD installation
> does ship with a /usr/X11R6/include/X11/Xlib.h installed.
> As a hack, if one adds
> to and manually sets IS_BUILTIN.libX11=yes, things work.
> This is of course not a fix.
> The question thus remains whether is supposed to be used in the first
> place in case X11_TYPE is native, or even more broadly, whether it is correct
> to have X11_TYPE=native on a stock FreeBSD 7 installation. Depending on that
> answer, we can develop a correct fix.
> The same issue applies to libXext, too, BTW. It appears that was not
> supposed to be used with X11_TYPE!=modular, was it?

x11-links (and are never used with modular. x11-links and 
should be used with X11_TYPE=native when native is detected.

A "native" used to work (I have used it on NetBSD and Linux) and 
should work on FreeBSD.

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