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Second Call for tests: pkg_install-renovation

Hi all,
this is the second call for testing. Since the first round, a number of
bugs in the pkg_add -u code and pkg_delete were fixed. The diagnostics
have been improved, for ftp passive mode is now used by default.

Note that the latter might require a `pkg_admin rebuild`. This applies
if you ever removed a package with modified files. You know that
happened if you can't install/update the package again due to a conflict
with the old version.

A script for creating keys can be found under files/x509, but is not
installed yet. All notes about documentation from the original thread
still applies.

The two major remaining items are supporting for linking against openssl
from pkgsrc (statically that is) and for including the required parts of
bdb. Neither of this should apply to most platforms though.

Please test it and report any issues.


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