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aliasitis in surfraw

It's not the first time i've been bitten by advanced aliasitis 
conflicting with older programs that I'm using.

First it was Ddd, being some Motif-powered debugger, at least when
cited in text confliciting with ddd, the multithreaded dd replacement 
(in reality, the programs were called Ddd and ddd, so used on Unixish
OSes they did not conflict).

Then it was MusicPD installing a program called "mpd", which conflicts
with the compiler "mpd". I didn't bother much, because I'm not using

Now it's the debianized surfraw, installing a symbolic link called
"sr" for no added value, conflicting with the compiler from "lang/sr".

Now, this is a problem for me, as I'm maintaining sr, and using

I'll split the "surfraw" package into surfraw-base, being the sane
subset, create a conflicting (but declared!) surfraw-sr for the
Debian lovers, and, btw, add "surfraw-netbsd" which adds back
"netbsd -pr" (unless somebody complains very loudly).


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