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Re: p5-* overview per maintainer

Martti Kuparinen <> wrote,

> How do you determine the latest version? As an example, this is wrong:
> package name          category        maintainer      pkgsrc version          
> cpan version
> p5-Sys-CpuLoad        sysutils     0.03    
> 0.02
> while the CPAN version is also 0.03.

Well, well - that's really annoying, I agree with you. The problem is
somewhere between CPAN and PAUSE. For the non perl(ies) for you:

PAUSE is the Perl authors server where Perl authors maintain their
modules and work on them. The CPAN archive shows the released versions
of the modules. The author names the archive for the module, e.g. in
this case it is:

The CPAN scanner extracts the archive:

and then looks inside the main module and looks for the version string
which is:

$VERSION = '0.02';

*meeep* - so cpan reports this module as 0.02, which is correct,
actually it's time to file a bug for it. The method for determing a
version on CPAN comes with the module:

perl -MCPAN -e 'print CPAN::Shell->expand("Module",
"Sys::CpuLoad")->cpan_version . "\n";'

This reports 0.02. Great!

This is an upstream error, I will file some bug reports inside
the RT at CPAN for the modules which are showing the wrong version.

This is something interesting. I think I will setup a blacklist for
modules which report the version in a wrong way so we have an override
method to set the version.



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