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distbb: new helpful feature

The latest version of distbb (0.13.0) provides a way to set
building options and building stages (configure, build, package, ...)
per package. Therefore it solves the following two problems.

problem 1:
  Building pkg_install, tnftp, pax etc. fails because...

problem 2:
  Some packages such as festival requires gcc-3 and some OSes
  provides more than one compiler, e.g. gcc-4.2 and gcc-3.4.
  Currently pkgsrc (bulk build and pbulk) don't provide a way
  to use two compilers AFAIK.

distbb solution (with comments) is below.

     # some packages fail to build because they are a part of pkgsrc
     # bootstrap.  if you want to build them try to uncomment lines in
     # SPECIAL_PACKAGES variables
     # you may also want to use different building options
     # to build some packages, e.g. to use gcc-3.4 for building audio/festival,
     # under Linux Debian/etch or DragonFlyBSD where it is a part
     # of "base" system, see lines in SPECIAL_PACKAGES.
     # NOTE: There are no quotes around string containing spaces
     #       (this is not shell ;-) )
     # NOTE: An empty string after EACH package section is mandatory
     # NOTE: Do not forget that you can define your own Makefile targets
     #       in this new target can run, for example,
     #       pkg_add -u

     TARGETS=depends fetch checksum configure build package

     EXTRA_OPTS=CC=/usr/bin/gcc-3.4 CXX=/usr/bin/g++-3.4


It is easy ;-)

For the latest distbb NEWS see PREFIX/share/doc/distbb/NEWS

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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