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> If I understand the intention and the comment in correctly,
> it's ${_var_} to be check if defined or not, not ${PLIST.${_var}}.

Rethinking of this, what we do here is to select a subset.  Why not
pass it as a whole.  E.g.:

        PLIST_VARS=     foo bar baz
        #foo=           # defined
        bar=            # defined
        #baz=           # defined
        .for _var_ ${PLIST_VARS}
        PLIST_SUBST+=   ${${_var_}:DPLIST.${_var_}=:UPLIST.${_var_}="@comment "}


        PLIST_VARS=     foo bar baz
        PLIST_ENABLED_VARS=     bar             # XXX better name?
        .for _var_ ${PLIST_VARS}
        .if !empty(PLIST_ENABLED_VARS:M${_var_})
        PLIST_SUBST+=   PLIST.${_var_}=
        PLIST_SUBST+=   PLIST.${_var_}="@comment "

In the latter code, although the pkgsrc infrastructure ( has
to iterate and check the condition due to the fact that make(1) lacks
set operation, the pkgsrc user (package makefiles) can simply pass a
single variable (PLIST_ENABLED_VARS), so this is better IMO. :)

(This is also similar to how PKG_OPTIONS works.)


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