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Re: -nox11, -x11, -qt, -tty, etc.

I see dillo@'s point about a long-term solution.

  Because people may be relying on these packages to generate binary
  packages, I will keep these package directories in place with the
  necessary magic to build the corresponding package.  For example, with
  databases/sqsh I plan on adding a "x11" option and then
  databases/sqsh-x11 will install a package named "sqsh-x11" that simply
  pulls in sqsh/Makefile and forces the "x11" option to be turned on.

That sounds like good incremental progress, and I think you should go
ahead and do it.  Perhaps the ultimate solution will be something that
feels like a config file with lines like:

  build foo with option bar, call it foo-bar

instead of the whole Makefile.

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