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Re: [RFC] PLIST feature to simplify conditionals

In article <> Johnny wrote:
: Masao Uebayashi wrote:
: >> In the PLIST, you can then have:
: >>
: >> ${PLIST.pam}lib/security/
: >> ${PLIST.nss)lib/
: > 
: > As I said some time ago, prefixing path part with a variable loses
: > grep'ability.  I still think the syntax like distrib/sets/lists would
: > be better.
: > 
: > lib/security/   pam
: > lib/            nss

: This does run into problems with files with spaces in them.  To be 
: honest, I don't know if pkgsrc even supports files with spaces in them, 
: but I think that at least the above would be confusing to the code.

: I suspect that when we solve the sub-packaging problem for PLISTs that 
: we will simply re-use the solution for this problem.  For now, I just 
: wanted to keep mostly the same well-understood mechanism used in current 

  I would like us to move towards a more expressive format than a list
of files for PLISTs.  mtree spec comes to mind, as it is expressive
enough and easily extensible.  We could also record special ownership
and permissions directly in the PLIST, as well as optional files and
which subpackage they belong to.

  As to whitespaces in filenames, mtree spec escapes them with \s
(space), \t (tab), \n (line feed) and \\ (backslash).

  However, I'm fine with your changes going in as they are, we can
mechanically change any affected PLIST files when we move to the new


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