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Re: simplifying an installation of examples and doc files

 >> How about introducing two special variables for simplifying the above code?
 >>     PKG_EXAMPLE_FILES=    example1.conf example2.conf

> I'd like to make this a bit more generic, so that we can do some more
> things with it that are often needed. The usage pattern would be
> similar to that of the SUBST framework. Of cource, for the two cases
> you mentioned (doc and examples), it should be exactly as short as you
> proposed.

>         A list of group names. For each of these groups, some files are
>         installed into a subdirectory of ${PREFIX}.

> INST_FROM.${g}
>         The subdirectory of ${WRKSRC} from where the files are taken.
>         Defaults to ${WRKSRC} itself.

> INST_TO.${g}
>         The subdirectory of ${PREFIX} where the files are installed.
>         No default value.

>         The list of files that are installed. May include globbing
>         patterns.
>         No default value.

> Roland

  19.6.4. Adding DESTDIR support to packages

    * All installation operations have to be prefixed with ${DESTDIR}.

    * automake gets this DESTDIR mostly right automatically.
    Many manual rules and pre/post-install often are incorrect; fix them.

The real fix here is IMO is to implement the idea mentioned above
including permissions of course ;)

This will make new packages ready for DESTDIR automatically.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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