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Re: update security/openssl?

On Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:21:30 +0000
Adrian Portelli <> wrote:

> Please do.  Were you thinking of importing 0.9.8X from wip as a separate
> package (e.g. security/openssl098) or are you thinking of just updating
> the old one - just curious.

s/import/update/ - I don't see any immediate value in having concurrent
versions for this.

> I've just done a basic build, install and delete on OS/X 10.4 and 10.5 
> and there was a little problem with the PLIST.darwin that I've committed 
> a fix for already.
> When I delete the package on 10.4 I'm getting:
> pkg_delete: can't readlink `/usr/pkg/man/man3/bn_print.3': No such file 
> or directory
> But 10.5 is OK.  I'll dig into this a little later.

Looks like you fixed it already - cool.
Btw, I'm also looking into providing DESTDIR support.

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