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Re: missing Apache licence

Klaus Heinz <> writes:

> I added apache-2.0.


> What about the other licences listed in mk/ as acceptable by
> default but not yet available in mk/licenses/:
>   public-domain
>   original-bsd
>   modified-bsd
>   x11
>   cddl-1.0

I think I put them in the list but didn't add them.  If you're adding
some or all, sounds great.

> I thought I could simply download cddl-1.0 but it is surprisingly difficult
> to find a definite version as a simple text file. Maybe
> (filtered through tr '\223\224' '""' and without the last 13 lines)
> or
> (with all HTML tags removed) could be used.

I'd go with the OSI version.  I suppose then for each package that uses
it it would be nitpickingly correct to diff the included version against
our text - it's too bad that there isn't a single canonical text, but oh

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